Breastfeeding DVD Trilogy by Dr. Evelyn Jain.  BA, BSc, MD, FCFP, FABM


Volume 1: Anterior & Posterior Tongue Tie – A Comprehensive Guide



Volume 2: Global View of Tongue and Lip Tie and The Ultimate in Breastfeeding Techniques



Volume 3: Procedures and Shield Use for Breast & Nipple Issues




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DVD Volume 1

Anterior & Posterior Tongue Tie.        $75 USD

DVD Volume 2

Global View of Tongue and Lip Tie.       $75 USD

DVD Volume 3

Procedures and Shield Use.                     $75 USD

DVDs Volume 1 and 2                 $135 USD


DVDs Volume 2 and 3                $135 USD


DVDs Volume 1,2 and 3             $190 USD

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