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Dr. Evelyn Jain
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Do you encounter resistant cases of breast and nipple pain?
Poor growth?  Poor latch?
Dr. Jain videos address these difficult cases, with proven results.

In Celebration of many years of assisting new Mothers,

I'm very happy to offer

for the first time

my entire

Educational Video Library


(Including Public Performance)

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Dr Jain Lactation Calgary
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Dear Colleagues,

During my medical career of the last 30+ years, I have been deeply involved in researching and developing treatments related to breastfeeding. I designed and presented the first lactation course at the University of Calgary, Canada, focusing on the unique medical challenges that can impact women’s ability to breastfeed.

Since then have I been deeply involved in teaching breast-feeding academically, clinically, and internationally. Over the decades, I witnessed a new appreciation of the physiological complexities that can arise with breast-feeding, as well as a willingness among physicians to diagnosis and treat these.

I have been privileged with awards in Obstetrics, Family Medicine, innovation in breastfeeding and, most recently for Lifetime Achievement.

My breast-feeding clinic attracted cases of severe resistant breast and nipple pain that did not respond to the usual treatments. As a result, I developed safe procedures that could relieve these quickly and completely. Thus, over the years, I produced about 25 educational videos for physicians, with the goal of publicizing the novel approaches that I’ve developed and creating dialogue around the specific challenges of breast-feeding. 

These videos include demonstrations of clinal exams and procedures, as well as explanations of the medical reasoning. My passion for teaching and making videos about my findings started with what was initially considered a controversial procedure: tongue tie. In those video, I describe the problem, demonstrate the procedure, amounting to 8 videos covering many, many aspects of tongue tie. My daughter Dr Anita Jain DDS presents in depth oral  developmental and dental sequelae of tongue tie.

The video also address children’s speech issues in cases of tongue tie. Working alongside speech language pathologist and I have clipped many children’s and adults’ frenula.

I also have videos on resistant neuropathic breast pain, treatment of persistent blebs and appropriate use of nipple shields and detailed approaches to the finer points of infant latch.

As I move into retirement, I have decided to make these videos available on YouTube free of charge. Please feel free to use these in presentations and to distribute to colleagues in the field. 

Yours sincerely.

Evelyn Jain BA, BSc, MD FABM

Previously Clinical Asst Professor

Cumming School Of Medicine, Calgary, Canada

About Me





Dr. Evelyn Jain,  BA, BSc, MD, FCFP, FABM

Awards in Obstetrics, Family Medicine, innovation in breastfeeding and, most recently for Lifetime Achievement.

Dr. Jain was a family Physician and Lactation Specialist in Calgary, Canada.  She was Director of the Breastfeeding Clinic at Richmond Square Medical Centre, a referral centre for more difficult breastfeeding problems.  The clinic was an education centre for health professionals involved in lactation.

Dr. Jain is a Fellow of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine.

She has published research on breastfeeding and has written many articles in the professional and lay press.

An internationally known speaker, she gives presentations to health professionals on Tongue Tie and other aspects of breastfeeding.

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